What is Digital Marketing Optimization?

Digital marketing is a term you’ve likely heard, and you might even know that it’s something you should be doing better. What does that actually mean? You can’t just go out and do your best digital marketing efforts if you don’t know the basics. This digital marketing overview was created to help you understand the basics. You’ll soon have a better understanding of digital marketing, its importance, and what channel optimization really means in the technological age we live in.

What is Digital Optimization?
Digital optimization refers to the use of digital technology to enhance existing business models and operating processes. Companies have been adopting digital optimization techniques for marketing in a way that is unprecedented over the last few years. Why? Why? Because brands today have more power to understand their target markets and create campaigns that are tailored to their customers’ needs. Companies that use digital strategies optimally are more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages, (SERPs), and thus get more attention from people searching for specific products or services.

Automating and refining
Digital marketing strategies should not be run on autopilot. A team of professionals should be available to review your successes and identify opportunities so that you can improve and tweak your strategies. After you are satisfied with your situation, automate the process to allow data to be continuously reviewed and reduce the time required for manual tasks.

Campaign Optimization Analytics
Campaign optimization allows you to personalize your messages to get the best ROI and leads for each campaign. There are no two campaigns exactly alike. Even though the products and services they sell may be similar, you can personalize your messages to get the best results. The people you target, the time of the year, and the opportunities that you have learned from previous campaigns will all help you optimize future campaigns. This is how the campaign optimization process looks in most cases:

Defining your strategy
You shouldn’t separate elements of your campaign. You shouldn’t consider email marketing and social media marketing as separate entities. Each of these elements should be considered as part of your overall strategy. First, determine your strategy. That is, what are your goals? Then build your marketing mix around those channels.

Incorporate metrics starting at the beginning
Without measurable metrics, you won’t know how you are doing. Identify what you want to accomplish, where you are now, and how you plan on measuring changes as your campaign progresses.

To make the most of different platforms, you can modify your messages
You can think of it like this: LinkedIn is unlikely to post anything that matches what you tweeted; instead, you would alter the message and context to make it more relevant to your audience. This is true for all digital channels. You don’t want to try and fit your messages in every channel. Your messages may become lost or confused.

Paid Search Optimization
There are many ways to optimize your paid search advertising spend. Demand Jump automates a few of these tasks for you: Adjusting your bids to increase performance; adding keywords to campaigns based upon dynamic consumer behavior; adding negative keywords in your campaigns to ensure you don’t waste time bidding on irrelevant terms or against other campaigns.