How Can Dental Crowns Benefit Your Oral Health?

A dental crown may be the best remedy if your teeth are weak, corroded, cracked, or otherwise damaged. These custom-made caps go over the entire tooth like a suit of armor. Crowns, as opposed to veneers, which only adhere to the front of your teeth, can virtually add or complete a tooth regardless of your dental status. If your dentist has recently mentioned dental crowns, or if your web research indicates that these may be the solution to your present dental difficulties, it may be helpful to understand what crowns are and what they can accomplish for you before making the decision.

What are the advantages of having dental crowns?

Below are some of the advantages of having dental crowns in Gonzales.

They can save a badly damaged tooth.

Trauma, stress, and dental decay can all wreak havoc on the outer tooth. Sometimes a tooth becomes so weak and fractured that a dentist is left with only two options. The dentist must extract the tooth or use a dental crown to save it.


If a dentist from places like Foote Family Dental Care Center in Gonzales decides to save a broken tooth, they will clean and file it in preparation for the crown. When the dentist places the crown on top of the tooth, it reinforces it and makes it as robust as a healthy tooth. Finally, a patient’s tooth regains full function.

They keep a dead tooth from falling apart.

Pulpitis is a tooth pulp infection. Irreversible pulpitis does not go away. It kills the inner tooth. A dentist cures irreversible pulpitis by removing the diseased pulp during a root canal. After root canal, the dentist can restore the tooth two ways.


The first method is to seal the tooth with a filling. The second and preferable method is to cover the tooth with a crown after filling the hole. A crown is required to prevent a dead tooth, particularly a molar, from fracturing.

They provide the best protection for a tooth with a history of decay.

A tooth with many cavities is a good candidate for a crown. Instead of a filling or a dental inlay, a dentist may choose to cover a troublesome tooth with a dental cap. The cap will cover the entire tooth, forming a barrier between the vulnerable tooth and the rest of the mouth. The barrier will keep dangerous germs, acids, sugars, and starch from coming into touch with the tooth.

Dental crowns can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

Many teeth flaws can be corrected using dental caps. They conceal crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth that can’t be remedied by teeth whitening in Gonzales. A dentist can also use crowns to create an equal grin. Crowns also bridge gaps in teeth by encasing little teeth and making them larger. All of these factors make crowns the preferred cosmetic treatment for many dentists.

They are typically permanent.

Dental crowns are stronger than fillings, inlays, and onlays. Crowns are the most durable and long-lasting cosmetic treatment option. They even outperform veneers and tooth bonding.


Hopefully, you will never require a dental crown. But not all of us will be that fortunate. A dental crown operation is common and not to be worried about. Crowns last longer with good tooth maintenance. With good dental hygiene, crowns last a long time. Furthermore, because they are custom-made to match your existing set of teeth, your friends and family are unlikely to realize that you have obtained a dental crown.